with Mindfulness and Meditation

After nearly 3 decades of soul searching, meditation and personal transformation work, I have had enough experiences to openly and definitely understand that in essence, each of us has - is - a doorway to an inner world that is causal and regenerative. 

We already access it in our nightly dreams, via insights and during meditation.  We carry it with us everywhere we go, and touch upon it strongly when we connect with our personal heart-felt wishes and dreams.  It is an experience of gentle acceptance, intuitive guidance and creative inspiration.  It is a wellspring of regenerative energy and a source of calm, joy and fulfillment. 

There are many ways to access your inner world.
I personally have an affinity for meditation, mindfulness, walking in nature and practising gratitude.
It makes me smile to know that these have all been extensively researched and found to have proven benefits.

I assist others in gaining clearer access to their own inner world; because once we connect with this, we connect with the equanimous Witness self, the wellspring of our being, from which everything else flows.

Meditation and Personal Transformation

I have over 26 years of experience with working with others, am a CSD Shamanic Practitioner and a Reiki Master and hold a Diploma of Counselling and Certificate of Wellness Coaching.  It gives me immense satisfaction to offer services and products which assist others to connect with their own core essence. Once a sense of mindfulness is present and deep authenticity is felt, it assists us to clearly identify our values, and from there, to make decisions which keep us on purpose.

Meditation and Mindfulness can also enable you to become:
  • become more aware of yourself: beliefs, emotions and body
  • release outworn habits of mind and
  • open to your witnessing/core self, the essential you that exists in a vibrant state of love and enthusiasm

Over the decades I have offered personal transformation in various ways including meditation groups, consultations, and guided relaxation and mindfulness CDs.  These tracks are now available for download and free meditations (visualisations and mindfulness) are available for you at my YouTube channel.

Learn to facilitate mindfulness

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