The health benefits of meditation have been widely researched and the graceful flow-on effects can be quietly profound.

Our fast-paced life can get really hard, stressful, sad, frustrating or discouraging at times, but we don't have to be a victim to our life, or the emotions we feel, or even what we think about it all. 

When practised regularly, mindfulness brings many researched benefits including:

• Quickened reaction time and increased productivity
• Lower blood pressure and calmer heart rate
• Decreased anxiety and improved recovery from stress
• Increased creativity and brainstorming skills and intuition
• Feelings of tranquillity, calm, empathy and compassion
• Greater listening skills with improved relationships

By dropping into a guided meditation, we can explore and heal, and gain wisdom, insights, guidance and clarity. We can rest in an inner garden shared by an inner guide for example, or triumph in a mythical inner quest - depending on what our soul and psyche needs.

Meditation can help us gain access to our Inner World and we can draw strength from our connection with the earth and higher awareness to light our path, heal our wounds and bless our heart's wishes, planting seeds of ideas in our soul's garden and feeding it with our love and showering it with golden divine light.

Guided meditations can take us in our imagination to a gateway where we can springboard into inner adventures.

Contemplation and mindfulness can give us the mental and spiritual strength and emotional balance, as well as grounding,  to meet our daily challenges with greater equanimity.

At the meditation groups I used to facilitate, participants had the opportunity to explore many meditation techniques.  This allowed them to discover which suited them best, and experience the benefits that each technique brings.  These days, I share various meditations with the global community via audio tracks and YouTube

If you have a hankering to discover your soul path, or benefit from the grace of divine light while staying firmly grounded on the earth, I have meditations available on YouTube from 5 minutes to 30 minutes in length, and various techniques from mindfulness to guided visualisations.

You are very welcome!

No experience necessary. Just a desire to connect with your Self at a deeper level and a willingness to let go of limitations.

Namaste, Aannsha

Free Guided Meditations

Meditate with me - guided meditations on InsightTimer

With several different length meditations (mindfulness and guided visualisations) available, you will find what you need right now. 

Enjoy guided meditations with me on my YouTube channel

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Download Relaxation Tracks


Then look no further! 

I have several guided relaxations available for you to download.  These are quality productions and are also a nice way to learn to meditate, while relaxing deeply and benefiting from healing affirmations. You can access these relaxations here.

These popular guided relaxations have been available through in Australia for a couple of decades and received consistently good feeback.  You can nowbenefit from them directly here.